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Hi Jeremy,

1. Have you taken a look at the Aesthetics page in the documentation? If you’re trying to apply general aesthetics (i.e. something that would apply to more than one trial) I would use the PennController.css solution described there. You probably want to add margins to the container. Say you name your element sentence then you could add something along these lines to PennController.css:

.sentence-container {
  margin: 10px;

If you want to use .settings.css you should use only one of the expressions separated by a slash in the command that you give. If that’s already what you did, then you can try .settings.cssContainer instead.

I did try to create a PennController.css file with what you suggested, but it didn’t seem to work. Using .settings.cssContainer() works though!

3. You are correct. If what you want to check is that the textbox contains text, you can use .testNot.text(/^\W*$/) on your TextInput PennController element, or if you’d rather have everything in a single HTML file, you can add a textarea to its content with the obligatory class (as described in the Ibex documentation manual under Form) and then test your Html PennController element with .test.complete() (click the link to see an example).

I completely forgot about the obligatory option of HTML! That worked like a charm – this way I don’t have to play around paragraph/text margin as I was telling you in (2).

Many thanks!