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Hi Jeremy,

I collected the data just now and when I checked the result files, it seems that some datapoints are missing for some participants. I check it in R, and it reports as this. For each participant, he/she is supposed to have 1212 datapoints. Could it be because they ran the experiment at around the same time? How can I minimize the possible data loss when participants do the same link at around the same time?
Below is my link and the datapoints collected
IP 1 2 3 4
1e07cab9da3e98e661b2d0e80f5b99e7 0 1212 0 0
23cb2c1b15ec3675dcfb69574b2fbfd6 1212 0 0 0
733c9df3b988e58faae28c0e00bb4f35 843 0 0 0
e8bc449ea6c87f719356447d4f2da4f5 0 0 837 0
eeeb66b06c9a1bdfd1764cd830a43bd8 0 0 0 833