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Hi, Jeremy.

While I was analyzing some eye data, I found some problems.

trial time left right
11 1920 0 1
11 2087 0 0
11 2250 1 0
11 2416 1 0
11 2581 1 0
11 2751 0 0

1. In the above data set, the regular intervals differ by participants. Some are 150~170ms, but others are 50~70ms. And a few are 30~50ms. So, there’s a wide difference between the number of the entire data by participants. Why do the regular intervals differ? I haven’t modified anything while collecting data.

2. There’s some missing data. A few participants have all (left, right) = (0, 0) data. What causes this problem?

3. In your last reply, you said the fixation duration is estimated considering the time course.
Then, is there any way to figure out the exact fixation duration of each data point in pcibex farm? If so, I want to modify my script for further data collection.