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The results file obtained from an experiment seems to be affected by partial data loss. I ran the survey yesterday, August 15, and advertised it through the Clickworker platform. There it said, around 1 pm (Berlin time), that the survey was completed by 32 people (my desired N). So, I checked my results file on PC Ibex, but there are only 19 people listed and the last update of the file was around 11 am. So, I am missing 13 participants (entirely, no rows are present in the data file after the 19th participant), as the results do not cover the last two hours of the experiment. Is there anything that can be done to retrieve the missing data? Why could that have happened?
We had already used the same script for other experiments, and this problem had never occurred.
Following the suggestions from the support forum, I have already refreshed the PC Ibex page, logged out and then back in, and tried from different browsers and devices, but nothing helps.

This is the link to the experiment if it helps: