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1. The analysis part is up to you. If you discard the (0,0) data points to focus on (0,1) vs (1,0), you’ll be looking at left-vs-right preference when the participant is (estimated to be) looking at either left or right; but keep in mind that it could be that the participant is not looking at either the left or right image for some time. For example, you could get a 30% left vs 70% right distribution when discarding the (0,0) data points, but only (15% left vs 35% right) vs 50% neither when factoring in all the data points

2. Subtract the EventTime value of the tracker element from the EventTime value of the audio element from your results file: you’ll get the offset for when the audio started relative to when the tracker started. Then add 697 to that number, and you’ll get the offset relative to the tracker’s start time for the word onset. Then you can compare that number to the time values from the eye-tracker data file and, for example, discard all the lines where time is lower than that number

3. It is not possible to add a column to the eye-tracking data file during runtime. However you can use the trial column from that file to cross-reference the PennController trial ID from the results file, and add an “itemNo” column during analysis if you want