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Do you know what I should do in order to randomize the presentation of fillers and the new items generated from the Javascript dictionary?

A common solution is to use rshuffle, eg rshuffle("experiment",startsWith("experiment_"))

should I/can I use the same Javascript dictionary (aka, duplicate) to generate and randomize three trials from the N/A items?

You cannot use the part that handles polarity, since your NA rows won’t fit there. Unlike the non-NA target rows, for which you only want to keep half of them (either the posi ones or the neg ones) it seems that you’re OK with generating three trials for every single NA row. That wouldn’t require any special code, as long as you list one trial per row instead of combining three in a single row, eg:

Table sample

adjective number,adjective class,pair,context_adjective,target_adjective,target_polarity,subject property,contextsetter,targetsentence,construction
1,minimum_partial,NA,healthy,sick,NA,inanimate,I know that the apple tree and the pear tree are both healthy.,Which one is sicker than the other?,comparative
1,minimum_partial,NA,healthy,sick,NA,inanimate,I know that the tomato plant and the raspberry bush  are both healthy.,Which plant is as sick as these two?,equative
1,minimum_partial,NA,healthy,sick,NA,inanimate,I know that the orchid and the cactus are both healthy.,How sick are they?,question
2,minimum_partial,NA,dry,wet,NA,inanimate,I know that the blue towel and the green towel are both dry.,Which one is wetter than the other?,comparative
2,minimum_partial,NA,dry,wet,NA,inanimate,I know that the white mop and the yellow mop are both dry.,Which mop is as wet as these two?,equative
2,minimum_partial,NA,dry,wet,NA,inanimate,I know that Patrick's backpack and his hat are both dry.,How wet are they?,question


Template("minimumstandard.csv", myCustomTrialFunction)