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Hi Chloris,

The first columns of each line of the results file are described in the IBEX manual: the second column is the MD5 hash, the first one is the reception time of the submission; using the two together reliably identifies the rows that come from the same submission

The reason why you get the same RT for different scores is that your code calculates RTs across all the scores: group_by(group, ID, entry) groups the data by group, ID and entry, but not by MD5+ReceptionTime, so the groups might contain more than one choice (in case of multiple submissions being associated with the same ID). In those cases where your groups contain several choices, mutate(RT = (mean(EventTime[Parameter=="Choice"] - EventTime[Value=="Start"]))/10) will calculate one RT per group spanning multiple choices. Even though you’re adding a column that contains a single RT value per group, your table at that point still contains multiple choices per group, so when you do filter(Parameter == "Choice")+rename(score = Value) later on, you end up with multiple scores (for those groups that contain multiple ones)

I don’t know why you got multiple submissions with the same ID: it could be that one participant took the experiment several times, or that they shared their ID with other participants that could have taken the experiment on the same browser+device in some cases. It looks like that didn’t just happen with fr51; you should double-check your results file yourself