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Thank you for sharing the link to your study. I have to apologize, I should have paid closer attention to your code. As it turns out, you’re not calling .log on any Audio element, so you cannot expect any line to be added to the results file about playback. The lines you see in the results file report “buffer” events, which are logged anyway to warn you that playback might not have gone through smoothly, but it’s hard to tell what actually happened without the logs of the corresponding “play” and “end” events

You also misplaced the .log("audio", audio) command on the closing parenthesis of the Button element’s wait command, so you cannot expect the results file to report which audio file corresponds to which item (the fact that you have logs of buffer events that also report the audio filenames are lucky coincidences, in a way)

I’m not sure why your results file does not contain one line per Scale element, but I note that it’s possible to end the trials without making selections on all the scales. Indeed, you use getScale("selbstbewusstsein","sympathie","erfolg","entspanntheit","intelligenz","vertrautheit","kompetenz","humor","ehrgeiz","freundlichkeit") (and also getTextInput("herkunft","alter","wohnort","situation")) as a way to apply a conjunction of tests on the Scale elements of the names passed as arguments to getScale, but that syntax simply doesn’t exist in PennController. Those will only test one element

That being said, the results file should still report a line saying “NA” even if a Scale element was never selected. I see that the values in your EvenTime column have been transformed (eg. 1.68485E+12 instead of a full 13-digit integer). Could it be that some lines got lost in the opening/editing process?