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Hi Juliana,

Unfortunately the Question controller was written in a way that it reports the content of the selected answer, not its index. However, since you are logging the content of both questions, you can compare the content of the answer to those columns and determine the index of the chosen answer, which you can then compare to the expected index. For example, here is a line from a test-run of mine, with a header line with column names before it for clarity:

752,REDACTED,PennController,11,0,item,NULL,Controller-Question,Question,NULL,Ou hoje ou amanhã fomos à praia.,1684831742806,Ou hoje ou amanhã iremos à praia.,Ou hoje ou amanhã fomos à praia.,TREINO,1,U,1,NULL,1967

In R for example, and assuming results only contain rows for that Question controller, I would do something like this:

results$AnswerIndex <- 1 + (results$Value == results$Frase2)
results$Accurate <- results$AnswerIndex == results$Expected

Note, however, that the Question controller already comes with a hasCorrect option, so you could do newController("Question", {q: "", as: [variable.Frase1, variable.Frase2], hasCorrect: parseInt(variable.Expected)-1}). Then you'd have a 1 reported for correct answers and a 0 for incorrect answers