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Hi Jeremy,
I have a related question, so I am asking it below this thread.

In the example template you created above, let’s assume I have a column “QUESTION” but only in the fillers table. And this column is empty for half of the filler items. I have revised your script as below, but I receive an error message saying that “No column named ‘QUESTION’ found in table experimental.csv”. Could you please help me resolve it?


101,Sentence 1,1,subject1,A,item
201,Sentence 2,1,subject1,B,item
102,Sentence 3,2,subject2,B,item
202,Sentence 4,2,subject2,A,item


501,Filler 1,.,.,filler,QUESTION501
502,Filler 2,.,.,filler,
503,Filler 3,.,.,filler,QUESTION502

Sample script:

function_for_template = row => newTrial( row.TYPE ,
      newText( row.SENTENCE ).print()
      newScale("answer", "True", "False").button().print().log().wait()
      ...(table.Question!==undefined && table.QUESTION ? [
            newText("question", table.QUESTION).print()
            newScale("answer", "yes", "no")
                .keys("f", "j")
        ] : [null])
.log("item", row.ITEM)
.log("compatibility", row.COMPATIBILITY)
.log("subject", row.SUBJECT)
.log("list", (row.LIST===undefined?"filler":row.LIST))

Template("experimental.csv", function_for_template)
Template("fillers.csv", function_for_template)

Thanks in advance!

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