Examples of Experiments

Note: the experiments below were created with PennController 1.0 and are hosted on Alex Drummond’s Ibex Farm.

Click the name of an experiment to try it. You can also import them:

  1. Create a new*Note: syncing will overwrite previous files, including example_data.js Ibex experiment
  2. Under Update from git repo in the repo url field, enter https://github.com/PennController/Examples.git
  3. Enter a name in the branch/revision field (e.g. speeded-decision)
  4. Click the Sync button
Description Screenshot
rating: a one-screen rating task (from old site’s homepage’s banner) Simple rating task screenshot
video: a one-screen task with a video (from old site’s homepage’s banner) Video capture
text-response: one sentence on the screen, press F or J first sample trial in tutorial Tutorial’s page
picture-audio: two clickable pictures on the screen second sample trial in tutorial Tutorial’s page
rating-input: a 5-point rating scale third sample trial in tutorial Tutorial’s page
spreadsheet: 4 picture selection trials followed by 4 rating tasks sample experiment in tutorial Tutorial’s page
speeded-decision: you have one second to press the right key on your keyboard (1, 2, 3 or 4) to select the patch of color that matches the name on the screen Screenshot of the Paced Decision experiment
covered-box: report which of a fully and a partially visible pictures matches a description (under development) Screenshot of a Covered Box experiment