About PennController

PennController for IBEX is a free open-source, versatile and user-friendly solution to script experiments using a wide range of dynamic, multimedia and interactive features (e.g., visual stimuli, response feedback, scripted/timed events, playing audio and video). Templates can be directly imported from github, making sharing and posting experiments online as simple as making a few clicks.

An extension of IBEX (a free javascript-based platform for online experiments originally developed by Alex Drummond) PennController uses a stream-lined code interface requiring no javascript skills.

PennController for IBEX is developed and maintained by Jeremy Zehr and Florian Schwarz.
PennController is under a BSD license. Its source code is available on GitHub.
The project was partly funded through a University Research Foundation Research Grant from the University of Pennsylvania and currently is supported by the ILST initiative at MindCORE.